• The great thing about Freerus.info is that they are always there for me every step of the way.
  • This is a really convenient and time saving service. Great concept, good software, cost saving and practical advice which has been readily available (limited waiting / call backs). Much better than my previous accountant!
  • Finding Freerus.info was a complete weight off my shoulders!
  • Freerus.info’s advice has saved me hours upon hours of work, not to mention costs saving.
  • Freerus.info listened to me and they are always helpful and prompt in answering any questions in an easy to understand manner.
  • They use a smart and easy to use online system that provides all the information I need real-time. Wow!
  • It is eye opening to find an accountant/bookkeeper who just drop the veil of confusion and who takes a keen interest in my business’s operation as well as the figures.
  • I have to say Freerus.info are the only accountant and bookkeeper I know that makes accounting seem 10 times easier and also upheld pure professionalism in dealing with my accounts.
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